First and second feature film writing, rewriting, and development

The writing, rewriting or development support is intended for first or second feature film projects designed primarily for theatrical release.

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Within the framework of a selection based on a cultural and artistic approach of the projects, the aim of this scheme is to reinforce the laboratory of cinematographic and audiovisual writings set up 25 years ago by the policy of the Centre-Val de Loire Region by diversifying the selected projects, opening it to European or international projects and encouraging the local presence and involvement of scriptwriters, directors and producers who benefit from our aid in the various actions or events carried out by the Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire Agency (image education, professional training, script tutoring or consulting, programming, exhibition, etc.).  

Films lasting more than 60 minutes carried by a production structure set up as a commercial company whose main object is the production of feature films (social capital of €45,000, including €22,500 fully available) are eligible. 

The system is also open to foreign projects, co-produced by at least one French minority executive producer. Production companies that deposit a request must have a permanent establishment in France or in another Member State of the European Union. For production companies whose head office is located in another Member State of the European Union, the existence of a permanent establishment in France will be required when the aid is paid.

In order to be eligible, foreign projects submitted to this scheme must be translated into French.

Three intervention stages: 

  • Writing aid: It is intended for projects in the process of writing presented as a detailed synopsis. At this stage, the selection committee will be interested in examining any form of inspiration from the authors and creative collaborators involved in the development of the project (visual or sound references, mood board, location logs, filmed diary, etc.).
  • Rewriting aid: It is exclusively intended for projects that have previously requested writing support, which have not been supported, but have benefited from individualized support from the agency Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire.
  • Development aid: It is intended exclusively for projects already supported by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire within 24 months. The aids do not imply location of the film production in the Center-Val de Loire region or even on French territory. 

NB : Please refer to the full regulations of this scheme (opposite) for details on the eligibility, application and selection conditions for this selective aid.