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Based on the principle of the world cinemas support and pursuing the goal of strengthening the regional production and encouraging diversity in films, Ciclic has defined a support for the development of international film projects that include representatives of our regional production.


This funding is intended to support the development of feature film projects (longer than 60 minutes) aimed to be theatrically released for the first time. The objective of the funding (not only limited to the first and second films) is to support a project that respects the following three criteria : 

  • be co-developed by a production company established outside France; 
  • be directed by a foreign country national; 
  • be in association with a production company that has a permanent address in the Centre-Val de Loire region (this condition is mandatory at the time of payment of the funding). 

The support application must be submitted by a feature film production company (share capital of €45,000, with €22,500 fully available) established on the regional territory and holding a memo deal, a co-development agreement (contract) or a co-production agreement (contract) with a foreign production company. A contract specifying the terms of partnership with a production company established outside France would be required in all cases for the establishment of the agreement between the production company established in France and Ciclic. 

The main production language may be the official (s) language (s) or those commonly used in the foreign country from which the director is a national of or those spoken in the territory on which the filming will be held.

All expenses related to the project development are eligible for this support and in particular :
  • Option or purchase of film adaptation rights 
  • Payment of authors for the development of the final script 
  • Eventual production, directing, art direction/set construction teams salaries due for scouting, quote preparation or filmed tests. 
  • Costs for SFX/VFX research and testing 
  • Storyboard costs 
  • Travel costs for project development (scouting, casting, assistance to co-production film markets and workshops, etc.) 
  • Legal advice fees and costs 
  • Translation costs 
For animation films, in addition to the above :
  • Graphic development costs 
  • Pilot production costs 
  • Storyboard and animatic costs Costs incurred prior to the first day of production (shooting or animation) and after the deposit of the application, except for costs incurred for copyright rights options for the adaptation of an original work (novel, play, opera, etc.) will only be considered.


The support amount is fixed according to the budget of each project and may not exceed €40,000.


A selection commission exclusively composed by professionals will evaluate projects. This commission will meet twice a year to appraise the projects submitted and it will propose to Ciclic’s Director the projects it wants to support. Project selection will consider the film’s artistic dimension as well as the project’s development and financing conditions.


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> 2023 Calendar

  • 1st professional committee: January 10th, 2023
  • Submission Period from November 2nd, 2022 to November 16th, 2022
  • 2nd professional committee : June 29th, 2023
  • Submission Period from May 2nd, 2023 to May 17th, 2023



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